Genomic Knowledge Pilot


GK-Pilot is a joint Driver Project initiative for trialing genomic knowledge specifications to real-world datasets. The contents of this resource are not a GA4GH standard. This project is ongoing and the documentation here will continue to be developed as the pilot project progresses. We encourage community members with related genomic knowledge resources to propose addition of those resources under this shared framework in the project issue tracker.

The GA4GH has identified implementation support as a roadmap imperative. To address this imperative, the GKS Work Stream developed this project to:

  1. develop and expose the “starter kit” of tools, schemas, and workflows used to generate standardized genomic knowledge statements

  2. apply the starter kit to create open, versioned, standardized genomic knowledge datasets

  3. demonstrate utility of these datasets through open-source analysis notebooks

Scope of the genomic knowledge pilot

The Genomic Knowledge Pilot project provides a first look at implementing the GKS specifications to drive interoperable knowledge exchange and search. The initial pilot project focuses on standardizing content from the open-access ClinVar, CIViC, and Molecular Oncology Almanac resources.